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Our Service

This is what we do and we do it perfectly

Web Design

We provide different types of web design , mobile freindly for businesses, churches, ministries and more.

Audio Streaming

We provide audio streaming service with high quality and unlimited audience , and your listeners will not have problems with sound quality.


We provide services in creating your very own personalized Android app and logo for your followers. We will create a format that works fast with no problems.


We provide hosting services at such a low cost, where you will not pay much or pay for the things you don't need.


We can create the perfect logo for you in a high quality, just tell us what you want to create.


We can create any type of flyer in a high quality so that your prints can represent who you are.


We can create any type of modern business cards, in different forms and styles.

Business Cards

We can create any type of modern business card, different from all styles.

About Us

We are a company that firm and legally established to help those with our services so that they can achieve their goals not paying large amounts of money but fair. Hernandez Multimedia Design is considered a company that believed and worked closely with people who have been deceived and robbed by his little conocimeinto , but we have given coverage and support they needed. For the Glory of God we have been a blessing to many churches and ministries and that makes us proud, not only to sell but to bless those faithful men and women who love God but do not have the resources to do what they crave. Since we are structured we can make any kind of graphic arts in high quality, for your business, church or ministry we can promote your organization , easy, economical and profesional

Hernandez Multimedia Design

We are a creative company, who works with passion and love. We provide the best services you need.